Company History
Beyond Bookkeepers was founded with the mission to help small business owners. Before launching
Beyond Bookkeepers, Inc., founder, Susan Deal, grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Susan’s
childhood saw her parent
s and other family members struggle with the challenges of running their
small businesses. As a result, Susan insisted that she would never own her own businesses, and
pursued a career with CPA firms. However, by 1999, Susan found herself owner of her own small
businesses.  Susan founded S.K. Consulting Services, Inc. in 1999, S.K. Consulting was a small
consulting firm offering QuickBooks consulting and Bookkeeping services. Over the years, Susan
realized how important her work was to small business owners. She realized that Outsourced
Bookkeeping Services were very different from the traditional CPA services that most CPA firms offer.
She also realized that if her family had someone like her giving them the information that she was
providing her clients then her family businesses would have been much more successful and much
less stressful. In January of 2006, Susan accepted her fate to be a businesses owner and launched
Beyond Bookkeepers, Inc. in order to offer her Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Services on a much
larger scale. Susan developed and trained a staff of accountants, and bookkeepers to service small
businesses. Since the business began, the goal at Beyond Bookkeepers is to help business owners
gain greater control over their business by teaching the business owners to utilize their time and
information effectively to develop more successful businesses.

Susan Deal, President
Susan Deal has worked in the Accounting industry since 1993. Susan spent five years as Director of
Operations of a CPA and Financial Services Firm. Susan then founded S.K. Consulting Services,
Inc. in 1999, a small consulting firm offering QuickBooks consulting and Bookkeeping services.
Susan then founded Beyond Bookkeepers, Inc. in 2006.  Susan has been providing QuickBooks
Consulting since 1995. She has worked with all different types of businesses and with people with all
levels of computer and accounting skills. Susan was raised in the Chicago area in a family that
owned several small businesses.  The entrepreneurial way of life has always been part of Susan’s
life. Her family has always owned small businesses so she knows the importance of being a small
business owner. Susan has found joy and great satisfaction in her career of helping small business
owners. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help small business owners.
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